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The Radiant Tree


Did you know that trees communicate with other trees with their roots?  I hope this desert tree finds some friends.


The mount is made from blue stain pine.  Its milled locally in the Rocky Mountains.  The tree has died prematurely due to a virus spread by beetles.  It has an unusual blue gray stains.


The black lines are actually wood burns that have a naturally occuring fractal design.  The technique is called Lichtenburg Wood Burning.  I sent 12,000 volts of electricity through wood planks!


The tree was constructed by Repoussé ,  a sheet metal art technique.  Copper sheeting was cut,  pounded and incised to create the shape of the tree.  I used solder to create its bark texture.  I then colored the bark was by metal plating and patinas.



The Radiant Tree

  • A Special Order is original artwork made expressly for you.

    We need to consider its location, light sources, the type of glass, the colors, its size, framing and any design modifications.

    The pricing is for budgetary purposes and represents a panel of four square feet or less with standard framing.  Sales tax and shipping are excluded.

    Please contact me for additional information.

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